Candle Holders

Allach porcelain made a variety of candle holders ranging from elaborate gilded baroque candelabras, to the most basic plain white porcelain single candle holder. The mandate handed down to Allach for the development of candleholders was by SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler. Himmler considered the burning candle as a symbol of life and sacred consciousness for all German people but particularly to his SS men.

The Allach Julleuchter was unique in that it was made as presentation piece for SS officers to celebrate the winter solstice. It was later given to all SS members on the same occasion. Made of unglazed stoneware, the Julleuchter was decorated with early pagan Germanic symbols. Production numbers in 1939 alone were a staggering 52,635, certainly a record for any single item produced at the Porcelain Manufacture Allach.

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