Presentation Plates

With SS Reichsfuhrer’s Heinrich Himmlers 2nd decree regarding presentations or awards on May 5, 1937 which forbade any future presentations of the older medals or other such plaques or gifts of metal as prizes for the national police competions and sporting events, this enabled the Porcelain Manufacturer Allach to produce both the SS Presentation Plates and the Police Presentation Plates for Himmler. Allach manufactured the SS and Police  Plates in their porcelain factory in Dachau.
Other than the Jul-leuchter, the Julteller was given as the most frequent gift within the SS. The all white Himmler Presentation Julteller and the colored Pohl Presentation Julteller were manufactured at Bohemia. The Porcelain Manufacturer Allach was not equipped with technical or personnel sufficient for any type of volume necessary for the Julteller production. Manufacturing of both types of Jultellers began after the acquisition of the Bohemia Company in Neurohlau in 1940

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