The Plaques or Prizes produced at Allach were among the most abundant items created. In 1938 alone, 3025 plaques were produced. Allach was virtually given a monopoly on these awards from Himmler when he sent out an order on March 25, 1937 that plaques could no longer be made from Metal. From that point forward, Allach was awarded most all contracts to make the different awards required by the SS and other branches of government. Most plaques were actually competition prizes for excellence in various fields. These prizes were awarded mostly commonly for fencing, equestrian competitions, and other SS sporting events. Then there were the plaques given for contributions to the Reich such as the plaque given to the SS newspaper Das Schwarze Korps. One of the more difficult plaques to find is the Einvolk Einreich plaque given for the 1937 Julfest.

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